Sunday, 4 December 2011

Geometry - Platonic Solids


As part of the Hallam MA course we, the students are all intervening with a book which is being passed round the group - see the seperate blog:

This is my intervention, which is the 3rd so far -

In preparation for my intervention, I went to the Hallam Library in order to get a sneak preview of the book, in order to allow myself time to interact with the text. The edition I acquired was larger than the book we were using for our collaborative intervention. This led me to consider each edition in comparison to the other. I wanted to somehow connect the 2 volumes by my intervention.

I felt suprised by my way of working as I had planned to do something different to what I ended up doing, however by taking the book from the library this totally changed my reaction which was more spontaneous.
I only worked with pages in the book that were different from the copy I had taken from the library.

The cover is a tracing of the edition I loaned, but the size relates to the copy the group were working on. When tracing the title of the book, within the restricted size, I felt happy that there only remained the word Symbol, as Lou had removed the words symbolic and images. However to trace off the word Images would have meant putting that word back in. This lead to my decision of tracing with tippex; so technically the word has still been removed, with the same material Lou used but just so accurately it is still readable.

The drawn tracings are the illustrations put into the same places as in the version I worked with, tracing the fragment which fits within the size constraints. Each tracing is 60 seconds worth of drawing which reflects the segmented hourly structure of my work life and the restricted time I feel I have to dedicate to my own practice. The overlapping nature of the drawings gives a suggestion of what could be there and the tracings are done on both sides of the paper.

I am interested in how the added illustration pages interact with the cut pages. I also added pencil corrections to the illustration index so as to leave a clue as to how they appear in other editions and how many illustrations are in each cluster.