Tuesday, 27 November 2012

materialisation of language

From an earlier information gathering exercise - writing the surplus while watching television, I have begun the process of materialising this into a visual form, work in progress...

Printed unformatted text - first 9 pages - typing still ongoing

handwritten text written within the dimensions of a 31 inch television
three layers of text - ongoing


writing art in a pseudo mathematical form

After the development of an algorithm to create a drawing process for the Bank Street Residency - I am still left wondering whether the drawings are just the detritus or document of the process
With this in mind I am still looking for where the work is within this kind of art making process...
I am now attempting to produce a more general algorithm for an art methodology, through researching mathematical symbols and writing a pseudo mathematical diagram - this is just the work in process - my first fumbling thoughts which need further development

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Completing Bank Street Arts Residency

Writing the rules on the roll of paper has been an interesting process, though some instructions seem more rule based, while other seem to chart the journey, recording the process of overcoming the hurdles we encounter when producing work. The question is do I need to test them by letting others attempt to create the work in order to decipher their accuracy?

The detritus or evidence of my labour seems to have equal importance to other elements of the work -
Are the drawings just evidence or the document of an activity, giving them the same status as the stubby pencils, sharpenings, empty pin boxes and newspapers?

I am considering binding all the drawings into a book, as a document of the residency, the rules may be written as a seperate book, but I am unsure as yet how or where to include the photos of the other evidence of the process.

This feels like the beginning of something....


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bank Street Arts - Day eight - Thursday 4th Oct

I have begun to experiment with writing up the process of developing the algorithm
because this is not a linear process it is hard to write up in a way that makes sense or is accessible - does this matter?
I am considering writing it down in a way that shows the build up and fluidity of the rules until they become resolved and at that point fixed
Also having filled a large sheet of paper without resolving the written evidence I intend to get a roll of paper, to write them on, which intentionally suggests the never ending process...

Bank Street Arts - Day seven - Tuesday 2nd Oct

Another set of drawings done today
Beginning to think about how to let the audience in on the constraints within the algorithm
I will need to write down the thought process behind how the rules get formed and become internalised

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bank Street Arts - Day six - Saturday 29th

Decided to stick to original plan of layout for now - three blocks together, with corresponding letters underneath each other in order to start to explore the patterns that potentially form

Where the features of the room disrupt the work, allow this to occur, so some drawings are missing due to the door and cubby hole

Looking forward to seeing people next week as Bank Street Arts in Sheffield will be open to the public again after some refurbishing work

I will be there drawing 10am - 5pm :-

Tuesday 2nd and 9th October
Thursday 4th and 11th October
Saturday 6th and 13th October

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bank Street Arts - Day five - Thursday 27th

Had lots of visitors today which was very good to talk and mull over ideas
Katya kindly took some photos of me working in the space

Someone today commented that the drawings made him think of Bletchley Park and code breaking, which is great as I feel like people are able to find ways of 'reading' the work.

Still debating various ways of displaying the drawings including pinning them up on top of each other - I feel I am pressuring myself to make a decision, though it might be feasible to just keep moving them about on a daily or weekly basis.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bank Street Arts - Day Three - Saturday 22nd

Did several drawings today, but actually spent much of the day moving them about
feeling more comfortable inhabiting the space
a really good chance to see how the drawings respond to a specific space constraint.
They are becoming an installation?

Considered displaying them vertically but as they are potentially readable (currently only to me) I cannot display them in a way that disrupts that and am exploring leaving gaps to denote the end of each 'word' which has been drawn/traced

Still problematic in terms of whether they should be one set on each wall or should wrap around the whole room working with the corners, doorframe, chimney breast and cubby hole, however I have enjoyed exploring this, though have not reached a conclusion yet

Another alternative is to keep pinning up each days work on top of the corresponding days work
So I would have three sets of drawings from Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
while doing the residency

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bank Street Arts - Day Two - Thursday 20th

Day two of my residency - slower work today with more distractions  - good to talk to people but leaves the dilemma of what to do when I have not finished a specific set of drawings
Should I take them home to complete?
This feels like cheating - I should only produce them within the time I spend at Bank Street
 - currently this is resolved by a blank sheet of paper, pinned to the wall to denote an absence
this may change

Much more thinking done today about how to utilise the space
How much information to give the audience? 
A dialogue can occur while I am inhabiting the space -
Is it easier to see and understand the process while I am drawing?
but that leaves the question, how does the work function when I am not there drawing?

I think that by leaving the newspaper and paper with a pencil and ruler when I am not present may be enough
this may also change

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bank Street Arts Residency

I am going to be working on some drawings for four weeks at Bank St Arts in Sheffield
starting on Tuesday 18th of September.

I will be in the regularly in the gallery, working publically on the drawings during the first two weeks in October :-
Tuesday 2nd and 9th
Thursday 4th and 11th
Saturday 6th and 13th

Check back here for photos and updates of how I'm getting on

Please come and see me there

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

writing the surplus while watching television

A snippet of a current work in progress

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Monday, 6 August 2012


Just proofing the first copy of our Guerrilla Writers book -
It will be widely available soon through AND publishing

Check back here and the Guerrilla Writers blog for more details coming soon about the book launch