Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guerrilla Writing

Images from the Guerrilla Writing Group Show
AGC Gallery

A Convivium and workshops were held, as well as a show for the week, exhibiting various work done within the group and generated from the participatory workshops

see our new blog for the Guerrilla Writing group:

Hierarchy of Communication

using Fibonacci sequence to connect specific letters in a document

Using a number spiral to present hierachically colour coded work documents

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fibonacci Route through Capitalist Realism

taking the letters in the alphabet which correspond to the fibonacci sequence (a,b,c,e,h,m,u)
 trace a route through the page, starting from the first a letter on page 1 through all the other a letters
then do the same with b on page 2 and so on
this is the result

Monday, 5 March 2012

Capitalist Realism

I have been reading Mark Fisher's book Capitalist Realism and am interested in his take on the post Fordist capitalism and the culture of work.

I was very struck by how he talks about the bureaucratic procedures of work (specifically within further education) and how work becomes a simulation of the real work. Somehow all the form filling and auditing becomes the work...
targets quickly cease to be a way of measuring performance and become ends in themselves

Also I am loving his comparison of Ofstead inspections to Kafka's the trial in terms of the ostensible acquittal as opposed to indefinite postponement - so true

It is a very good read on many levels and feels very connected to where I am at right now