Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bank Street Arts - Day Two - Thursday 20th

Day two of my residency - slower work today with more distractions  - good to talk to people but leaves the dilemma of what to do when I have not finished a specific set of drawings
Should I take them home to complete?
This feels like cheating - I should only produce them within the time I spend at Bank Street
 - currently this is resolved by a blank sheet of paper, pinned to the wall to denote an absence
this may change

Much more thinking done today about how to utilise the space
How much information to give the audience? 
A dialogue can occur while I am inhabiting the space -
Is it easier to see and understand the process while I am drawing?
but that leaves the question, how does the work function when I am not there drawing?

I think that by leaving the newspaper and paper with a pencil and ruler when I am not present may be enough
this may also change

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