Tuesday, 4 September 2012

writing the surplus while watching television

A snippet of a current work in progress

...have you got plenty wet or a photographer choose your colour and design personalise your content one and one UK for the house continues adult content here’s big brother there’s a place especially for you and the latest products ever fallen in love with love in love with someone stunning design clever technology life more life care for your family and even perfume nobody wants injury time cooling or heating strikes at the source of pain Volterol prescription SKY Panasonic this summer  exclusively with SKY movies courage isn’t just about being brave you should have seen his face whatever happens we stay friends I don’t need to tell you who we are with nine subs under everyone’s a winner eat fresh Chester zoo the dinosaurs bite back the tyrannosaurus rex for one price see so much more no need to rinse all day for fresher breath superior protection imagine a world where every moment was a moment to cherish its ITV player time there's no escaping the fear flamingo land Yorkshire with no added guilt when you’ve eaten a bit too much show everyone how its done fresh on the bone chicken you could say there's a little bit of the colonel in the golden globe winning actor catching up on some me time I’m adorable I’m looking for a smooth service would you serve that some responsibility hell’s kitchen pushes off your left leg and now he feels epic save one hundred pounds on your car insurance and train thirty hours a week so frizzy my solution after all the training shine as a woman it shines I make you a promise harder than we ever have before thirty nine minutes join us online for twenty pounds call us or visit green flag sweat harder sun bingo dot co dot uk this is going to be a summer to remember switch to broadband at talk-talk plus unlimited downloads with parental controls you can enjoy thirty pounds credit all for three pounds twenty five a month that’s a great British deal talk-talk brand new mock the week we never established I could only go a day after everyone else Christmas day at Alvin’s proves to be a laugh in last of the summer wine whatever a city break means to you we could make it happen Expedia time is running out to renew your tax credits either way you must renew don’t delay action drama and excitement grab it by the undercarriage new TV wouldn’t it be great how TV’s have changed and what makes a smart TV infinite possibilities and show you the one if you had a chance to change your fate would you a delicious Scottish bran food for painful corn a few drops of the liquid it will get you back in heels are our best range ever we mature our steaks for longer now our rump steak saving you money everyday welcome to the front row get to the heart of the action Lumix Olympic games chop chop chop chopping dice dice spreading we’re cooking up a rainbow today health lovers say hello to new sun is shining in the sky everybody’s proud sponsors of the British swim team at British gas dot co dot uk go outdoors extra fifteen percent off with your discount card must end Sunday live for less at Argos start saving with up to fifty percent off in store and online the summer sale now on BB blemish bar from Garnier colour illuminates and recommend it to a friend perfect matt finish the hottest shows on TV take the money and go...

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