Thursday, 18 October 2012

Completing Bank Street Arts Residency

Writing the rules on the roll of paper has been an interesting process, though some instructions seem more rule based, while other seem to chart the journey, recording the process of overcoming the hurdles we encounter when producing work. The question is do I need to test them by letting others attempt to create the work in order to decipher their accuracy?

The detritus or evidence of my labour seems to have equal importance to other elements of the work -
Are the drawings just evidence or the document of an activity, giving them the same status as the stubby pencils, sharpenings, empty pin boxes and newspapers?

I am considering binding all the drawings into a book, as a document of the residency, the rules may be written as a seperate book, but I am unsure as yet how or where to include the photos of the other evidence of the process.

This feels like the beginning of something....


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