Tuesday, 27 November 2012

materialisation of language

From an earlier information gathering exercise - writing the surplus while watching television, I have begun the process of materialising this into a visual form, work in progress...

Printed unformatted text - first 9 pages - typing still ongoing

handwritten text written within the dimensions of a 31 inch television
three layers of text - ongoing


writing art in a pseudo mathematical form

After the development of an algorithm to create a drawing process for the Bank Street Residency - I am still left wondering whether the drawings are just the detritus or document of the process
With this in mind I am still looking for where the work is within this kind of art making process...
I am now attempting to produce a more general algorithm for an art methodology, through researching mathematical symbols and writing a pseudo mathematical diagram - this is just the work in process - my first fumbling thoughts which need further development