Sunday, 25 August 2013

Out of Context members exhibition at BSA

This exhibition was open to members of Bank Street Arts. The restriction for members was a maximum number of submissions - three per member - with a guarantee of at least one submission being accepted. The other restriction was size; one metre wide for wall work and one metre square for floor based work. 

For my own curatorial strategy, I worked with both the constraints set by Bank Street Arts and systems which I employ within my own art practice. The gallery spaces were pre-measured in order to calculate the number of artworks that would fit on each wall, according to the metre wide restriction, giving the maximum number of submissions I could accept. A set of random, arbitrary and mathematical systems were used to pre-determine the positioning of the work in each gallery. In this way I sought to reflect the methodology of my own art practice, as well as embracing the potentially random and eclectic mix of members’ work. Twenty seven members contributed thirty four artworks, with perhaps the only common thread being conbributors’ membership  of the centre.

Audiences often expectantly enter a gallery space looking for the curatorial text or concept of the exhibit; each artwork providing a narrative for the next. Here the artworks stand individually and are curated using an arbitrary methodology. Using these systems is an attempt to resist and question our human desire to seek for patterns in order to find meaning or sense.

Here is a map of the exhibition which runs into September - see more details at