Thursday, 31 October 2013

Visiting Shandy Hall (Laurence Sterne Trust) with the Guerrilla Writers

After Pavel Buchler's instruction for the Guerrilla Writers to write the Blank Page, we visited Shandy Hall which is where The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman was written by Laurence Sterne. 

The Guerrilla Writers reading Chapter thirty eight which contains the blank page

Video made in response to a drawn instruction given by Julie (Guerrilla Writer)

Using The Blank Page for interpretations of the Widow Wadman -

Some ideas I am currently working on:

Widow Wadman
Writers invisible description omits woman, while allowing desiring males a nymph.
Wondering incessantly delays objective writing, when all distractions multiply affirming noise.
White illusion delivers obsessive witness, worldly actions detach mechanical awareness necessary.

Using the connotations of the word concupiscence, from the previous chapter during a discussion regarding the widow:

Images collaged taken from a google search for desirable women from 2013 and from 1759 - note the similarity in poses, allowing for easy collage

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