Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lighthouse Journal issue 5

The latest edition of the Lighthouse journal of new writing (issue 5) has just dropped onto my door mat (actually into the indentation in the wooden floor where a door mat used to be). 

A Translation Issue.

I am pleased with my own submission, which looks great; a piece from my Writing by Definition Series. This work sits alongside the Drawing by Definition work, which is a visual interpretation of the pure text created by the methodological process. (see elsewhere on this blog)

While reading though, I was particularly struck by The Ping Pong Poem by Valentina Konstantinidi and Paul Stephenson. A conversational piece as two poets collaborate on the translation process of a poem initially from English to Greek. Though the dialogue produces some surprising results. I am always excited by how generative a simple process can be, just taking a piece of text or a phrase and using that as a starting point. Constraints are then applied which push the work further and further, each piece a translation of the last, a metamorphosis, an unexpected journey.

To purchase a copy of the Lighthouse, see their website: