Sunday, 17 August 2014

CUT - Member exhibition at Bank Street Arts

For this years members exhibition I have two pieces on show:

backspace - cmd x - delete

This is a collection of manually recorded deleted words, from every digital document I have worked on, for the month of July. This was a test for a year long durational work that is currently ongoing.

Cropped: remainder

This is a photographic art work, containing 16 photographs of Bank Street Arts building, taken for the ongoing history project. They are the remains of some of the photos after they have been cropped, displaying the normally deleted section of the image. 

These two pieces of work have really started to make me question where my interest in language lies. More recently my work has been exploring the gaps or the things that are removed. 
I had begun to think that this was a tangent to what I had laid out in my current research path. However if these ideas are related back to the initial idea of narrative sense and the process of disrupting that experience, perhaps then by adding back in the detours or words deleted or exploring the gaps and what they represent, this could indeed redirect or truncate the original meaning. 
I think these art works have the potential to explore further the ideas of Deleuze when he talked about art creating 'vacuoles of non-communication', which has always interested me. The visual non-communication here is just slightly different from the palimpsests and overwriting I have previously explored.