Monday, 9 November 2015

CRUX 7: conceptual writing

Read the latest CRUX DESPERATIONIS issue, published by Riccardo Boglione
This issue is the conceptual writing edition:    CRUX 7

It includes work by Riccardo Boglione,  Craig Dworkin, Steve Giasson, Sharon Kivland, Divya Victor, and Madeleine Walton, among others

My work included in the journal is:

Recovering the deleted

A collection of 1000 words which have been deleted from various digital devices used by the artist. Fragments from work documents collide with personal communication and Ph.D research, forming a materialisation of the erased. 

Whitechapel LABF

My most recent book went to The Whitechapel Gallery as part of London Art Book Fair.

This was a speculative work in progress; a series of studio experiments in the act of materialising reading.

It formed part of the Editions II collection; The Good Reader, part of Sharon Kivland's
MA BIBLIOTHEQUE publishing project

THE GOOD READER is a new series of booklets published by MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE. THE GOOD READER addresses reading, as both virtue and duty. The editor invites authors she considers to be good readers. She agrees with Nabokov that a good reader, a major reader, an active and creative reader, is a re-reader.

The act of reading involves the selection of a book. Time spent in the library follows, at which point distractions begin to creep in. Good intentions are sullied. Focus gives way to digression. Found bookmarks and scribbled marginalia propose focal points in the chosen books. Following the evidence left by others, these focal points begin to connect. Detours are formed, opening alternative paths through the reading.  Existing narratives are resisted.  New constructions take shape. 

This volume is a collection of photographs and drawings produced while engaged in the process of reading (and not reading). The distractions encountered provide a more speculative and less linear way of encountering books.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Leeds Library Intervention

Some of the final pairs of images produced as part of the Leeds Library Intervention.

Books were selected from the library by searching for found bookmarks which could be seen from the shelves before opening the books themselves.

Once selected, the bookmarked page was opened and the found bookmark photographed in situ.

The bookmark or fragment was then removed and the first phrase from the open page was written down.

The library reference number on the spine of the book was also recorded.

Away from the library, these scribbled phrases and paper fragments were then photographed together to be placed with the original photograph taken in the library.

These images were among the range that were exhibited in the Leeds Library Vernon Street Gallery and now also form part of an artist book produced by the artist.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Leeds College of Art - Library Intervention

Drawing out Language:

I have been working on a library intervention at Leeds College of Art throughout February and March. 

When researching in a library, there is usually some concept or theme I am chasing. Books are generally selected from computer searches, recommendations or a bibliography. However once the reading begins my attention is often distracted by the things I find left between the pages. I spend time wondering about the positioning of found bookmarks. I try to figure out the scrawled handwriting in the margin; based on the feeling that, if something was important enough to write in the book, it must be a gem of insight.

For my intervention at Leeds College of Art Library, I have allowed myself the freedom to devote time to following these distractions, in order to find a more speculative and spontaneous path through the books in the library. I have spent time in the two libraries at the Vernon and Blenheim sites, following the trails left by others through various books. 

This will culminate with a "Non-Shh" Event at the Vernon Site of Leeds College of Art on 26th March 5pm-8.30pm
The event is free but ticketed by Evenbrite - click here to come along

Leeds Artist Book-fair, The Tetley, Leeds

On 7th-8th of March I will be showing my book as part of an artist collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University and Guerrilla Writers at Leeds Artist Book-fair.

We have produced a collaborative collection under The Editions title, using a system of constraints to bring a diverse collection of artists and art work together.

I will be reading from my book at the book fair on Saturday 7th at 11.30am

For more information about the event:

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Work in current publications

Currently you can see examples of my writing in online publications:




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SEINUNDWERDEN - Kiss the Witch: