Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Testing Testing

Testing, Testing

Exhibition opening event: Friday 12th August 2016, 6pm–9pm.
Continues until 1st September 2016. Gallery open 10am–5.00pm Daily and until 8pm Wednesdays

SIA Gallery
Cantor Building
153 Arundel Street
S1 2NU

Emma Bolland, Rose Butler, Michael Day, Susannah Gent, Debbie Michaels, Emma O'Connor, Bernadette O'Toole, Jo Ray, Rachel Smith, Rachel Emily Taylor

Artists speak about ‘making’ all the time, but what making looks like, feels like, where it takes place and how it occurs can differ greatly from one artist to the next. Whether we are making drawings or photographs, informed guesses or unexpected insights, the act of making is experienced and expressed differently by artists with different research agendas, media and approaches.

Testing, Testing aims to extend a discussion about research in art practice by showing the evolving stages of practice-based research. The project takes the form of an exhibition at SIA Gallery, a symposium event, and a two-part publication, all produced by practice-based PhD researchers in the fine art subject area at Sheffield Hallam University. A catalogue, designed by Joe Rolph, will be available at the exhibition.

The symposium event will look at the role of interdisciplinary dialogue in art research, focusing on the potential for dialogue to connect practices of making and knowing. Aimed mainly at practice-based fine art researchers in academic contexts, this free event will take place on Friday 2nd September. Register here.

Thinking Drawing : Drawing Thinking

Drawings made in order to visualise my thought processes around reading, writing, and drawing in response to thinking through some of Roland Barthes writings. 

These were produced as a placeholder for the associative mechanisms experienced during the making process for work in an upcoming PhD exhibition of practice-led research at Sheffield Institute of Arts 12 August - 1 September