Monday, 6 February 2017

Phantom Exhibition and Symposium

The PHANTOM exhibition has been conceived and curated by Jane Boyer as part of her PhD research at Anglia Ruskin University.
Several artists (including Nikki Hare, Kirsty Harris, Marion Piper, Tim Skinner and others) were invited to contribute by providing an existing piece of work, selected by Boyer, which was then used as a starting point to be reworked, recycled, re-imagined or replicated from the original to produce new pieces of work. Boyer says of the work in the exhibition:

'The artworks in this exhibition exemplify this idea of the phantom. They explore latency; making visible what is invisible, while uncovering some of their own polyphony, which has passed through layers of translations. These works have also been put through a further transmutation, revealing latent potential in their meaning.'

A blog was set up and used by all the artists involved to explore the production process before the exhibition - this can be found here:
Phantom blog

There will be a symposium on Wednesday 8th February where some of the artists will discuss the work and its making at Anglia Ruskin University from 2pm. For further details of the exhibition and symposium:
Phantom at Anglia Ruskin

For my own contribution, the original work was a piece made in 2014

Cropped Remainder 
Sixteen digital laser prints

This is a series of photographs which contain the deleted portions after being cropped.

In response to this work I began to think about how gaps, spaces and removal were important in my work as a process of allowing unseen elements to rise to the surface, and how that action or visualisation might impede or impact on our understanding or reading of a text or image.

I produced 3 further works in response:

Figure and Ground
Nine digital laser prints
(see below three images from a series of nine)

In each image the main photographic object has been specifically deleted

To Write: An Intransitive Verb
moving image
(see screenshot below)

To Write: An Intransitive Verb
(follow link to vimeo to see the entire work)

This work explores the ideas of Roland Barthes in his text In Preparation for a Novel, where he explores the idea of writing without an object.

Digital image

This is a digital image of the annotations made while reading the Barthes text in preparation for making the moving image piece. Here the main text has been removed digitally leaning only the notes which have been layered as a palimpsest.