Monday, 24 September 2018

Regardez la Fenêtre

Last week on Wednesday 19th September I participated in Claire Lee Clee's residency of one of the shop fronts in Fitzalan Square in Sheffield: Regardez la Fenêtre

Clee worked with me was one of the invited artists who took part in my Interrupteur residency and following on from our discussion around this experience was bringing in artists into the space to work alongside as a challenge to her own practice.

For my day I wanted to explore Umberto Eco's description of the Encyclopaedia as Labyrinth. Here he writes about the different types of labyrinth, from the classical with only one possible entry and exit, to the maze with its dead ends, and the rhizomatic labyrinth which he describes as a net.

I knew that the construction of the net would visually fit with the sculptural work Clee makes and during my residency time with her I was interested by our similar concerns through different media, shifting my generally 2D thinking into 3dimensions.

In order to think through Eco's exposition I had purchased a cotton string net and wanted to draw and physically handle the net in order to perform the action of navigating the rhizomatic.
All connections being possible and each journey taken from a different starting point, using a different route across the connections.

As well as drawing, physically manipulating the bought net while discussing ideas, we constructed our own net, from string, elastic and wire, this was then hung and draped in the space amongst the other sculptural objects.

For more information about Clee's residency:

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Voler: To Steal and Fly

Excited to have just received a set of my new pamphlet work, Voler: To Steal and Fly.
This is published by the brilliant Penteract Press (@Anthony_Etherin with cover art by Clara Daneri)
Available at

The title of the work makes reference to Hélène Cixous when she writes in the Laugh of the Medusa about women's writing taking flight and jumbling the order of space - simultaneously occupying the space as birds and robbers, as both meanings are held in the translated sense of voler.

Pages are stolen from another book work -Lines of Flight, which I made for the AMBruno project [sic], and released for flight in a performative diagrammatic action, tracing lines made in a continual search for meaning.