PhD Research

Fine Art Ph.D Research – 
Drawing out Language: Interrupting Sense through processes of Conceptual Writing

The work I produce uses drawing, photography, and writing to explore the materiality of the peripheral details in the acts of reading, writing, and listening. The grasping action of finding sense in the face of the excesses of language sometimes pushes the the work towards wordlessness. Using fragments, gaps, and deletions enable my practice to explore the grasping action before meaning becomes settled. 

In my research I explore the construction of meaning and the process of searching for sense. Through my art practice I interrupt, fragment, and visualise existing forms of language in order to question the desire for static singular meaning. In appropriating and fragmenting existing language, I open up generative spaces which allow for the processes of sense making to be explored and visualised. Interruption, error, distraction and misinterpretation are used as generative processes which can reveal the thinking process during the transmission process.

As an artist I tend to occupy the space between, I am interested in thresholds and boundaries between things which can be seen as static formations of meaning in language. Binary positions of Language/material, Mind/body, Process/product, Theory/practice, Presence/absence are questioned, blurred and transversed. Resistance to and unsettling fixity allows for the existence of a space for the yet-to-be-thought, yet-to-be-said, yet-to-be-written.

Spaces between, silence, and blank pages resist interpretation and the confound the search for ‘the sensible’. These voids reveal the consistency of the human attempt to find and fix a sensible message. They carry the trace of the other which exceeds the limits of the spoken or written word. Language fails and in this failure the instinct is to repeat, retry, and yet fail again. ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’

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